Why start a Cell Phone Repair Business?

Until recently, cell phones were easily discarded when they became physically damaged, and people simply bought new replacement devices. In today's market, however, due to the high price of cell phones like iPhones, Blackberry and the recent Smartphone phenomenom flooding both corporate and consumer markets, people and businesses have limited options when their complicated and expensive devices become physically damaged. In addition, wireless carriers are not interested in servicing or repairing any kind of non warranty cell phone & Smartphones and seem solely focused on extending or signing up customers for a new 2-year contract. Consumers are left with a fragile phone, they dont even survive the typical 2-year contract. Trained professionals in the cellular repair industry can service and repair consumer phones that are no longer under warranty and not insured through their carriers, thus saving consumers from having to replace their expensive phones and sign new contracts. Smartphones—for example iPhone, Blackberry and Android are not only a means of communication, but they are also an essential item for navigating efficiently in today's intense business and social realms. People are not afraid to admit their dependence on these fragile devices and, therefore, subject them to heavy daily use that often results in damage. That's where professionals at Cellular Repair Centers can help: Cellular Repair Centers give consumers the opportunity to repair their devices for less money rather than pay full price for a new phone—a phone that's usually unfamiliar given the rapid obsolescence of high-tech devices these days.


How Can I Get Started in the Cellular Repair Business?

This is a career for people who are willing to learn and enter an industry that will only expand. You don’t need to be from the cell phone industry, nor do you need to have a technical background. Our 5-day training course will teach you what you need to operate and become a successful cell phone technician. Our Cellular Repair focuses on hands-on repair training during your 5-day session, so that is why our facility is equipped with the best tools used in the cellular repair industry. Our program is based on the "Learn by Doing" model of instruction, so that means you will have opportunities to work directly with the tools and equipment. By the end of your training session, you will have the confidence in what you've learned and be able to use your new knowledge immediately.

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